15th September 1897, was born the well-known diplomat, Fuad Asllani

Revista studentore Djalëria

The  famous journalist and diplomat Fuad Asllani, was born on 15th September 1897, in Bejrut in a Albanian family of high functionaries of  the Ottoman Empire. He has collaborated  and leaded the student magazine “Djaleria”, that was published in Viene, and the anti-Ahmet Zogu “Liria Kombetare”. He was arrested and interned from Ahmet Zogu and the communist  regime . As a person who knew 10 foreign languages and International Law, from 1929, he became a part of the Albaninan Diplomatic Service. He represented our country in Sofia, London, and in the League of Nation and in the 1935 he leaded the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tirana.

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