14th September 1895, the patriotic, Shadie Asllani was born, activist for women’s emancipation

Shkolla e Vashave

The professor and patriotic, Shadie Asllani, was born on 14th September in Bejrut, there she has finished the American Collage for girls. In 1920, she opened and directed the first school for girls. In Tirana, she has worked as vice director  with Mati Logoreci and directed the society of woman “Albanians”.  She participated in the Albanian Educational Congress in 1924, in the activity of “Bashkimi” society. She left Albania together with Noli, and when she came back, she was jailed and interned by the monarchy of Ahmet Zogu. In 1971, she was honored with the title “For patriotic activities”.

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