14 January 1822, was born Jani Vreto

Jani Vreto, patriot and thinker of the Renaissance was born on January 14th, 1822. He studied in “Zosimea” school of Ioannina. In 1854 he moved to Istanbul, where he was elected member of the Central Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Albanian nationality. Together with Ismail Qemal, Hoxha Tasin, Kostandin Kristoforidhi and Pashko Vasa, formulated and approved the alphabet of Istanbul. Jani Vreto wrote a series of articles as “Apology”, “For the truth and for the writing of truth” etc. He has given opinions and has worked for morality, religion, social life, for the Albanian language, for the opening of schools in the native language, for the spread of culture and knowledge among the Albanians.