14 August 1934, an armed uprising exploded in Fier

On August 14, 1934, the armed uprising exploded in Fier. The insurgents took the city, killed Gen. Gjiroldini. In the evening, 200 insurgents started to liberate Lushnje and march to Tirana. Its main organizers were the deputy commander of the gendarmerie Musa Kranja, the teacher Zenel Hekali, the officer Mustafa Kacaci, Ali Shefqet Skopje, Ramiz Dibra, Ali Kosturi, Asim Vokshi, Riza Cerova etc. The uprising was crushed, 53 were sentenced to death, of which 12 were executed, and 41 others, under pressure from the public and internal public, the sentence was turned into life imprisonment.

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