14 August 1933, in Thessaloniki, was shot dead with four bullets in his back Hasan Prishtina

After four gunfire attacks, organized against him, Hasan Prishtina, was shot dead with four bullets in his back, in Thessaloniki, by Zogu agent lbrahim Celo, on August 14, 1933. Kosovo’s glorious son six times was convicted of xhurcur, From Esat Pasha Toptani, from Belgrade and three times from Ahmet Zogu. He participated in many battles; Four years lived and fought in the mountains with arms in hand, twice imprisoned by Serbs and Bulgarians, 12 years lived in exile until killed by the killer zogist. “The head of Tirana and Belgrade, wrote the” Rilindja “of Kosovo, on the night of August 14, 1933, celebrated their victory”.

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