13 August 1450, the Senate of Ragusa sent a letter to the governor of Hungary, describing the first siege of Kruja

In the letter that the Senate of Ragusa sent to the governor of Hungary, Janos Hunyadi on 13 August 1450, describes the first siege of Kruja, about 160,000 Ottoman forces equipped with the most severe artillery of the time. But in Kruja, as stated in the letter, “there are 1500 very well-tried men for protection.” Therefore, it is believed that the Turkish army is tired of destroying that city, when there are brave men who have bound the faith to die. Skanderbeg itself, the letter goes on, is not far from Turkish seasons and for days and more, it causes damage to the enemy. ” From May to October, they fought a handful of Albanians, fastened the Asian giant in the Balkans, saving their European civilization with their blood.

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