12 April 1902, was born in Shkodra the talented soprano Gjyzepina Kosturi

The magical world of sounds, today celebrates the birth anniversary of the talented soprano Gjyzepina Kosturi. She was born in Shkodra, on April 12th, 1902, in the famous family of Marubi. She was graduated from the Conservatory “Santa Cecilia” of Rome. After returning home, she gave concerts and cooperated with the microphone of Radio Tirana. She is one of the first soloists of the State Philharmonic, soloist of Opera and Ballet Theater and of the interpretive of the princess role in the opera “Rusalka”, the first operatic act shown on the Albanian scene. Then were shown some other opera of the Albanian and classical authors, dozens of concerts outside and inside the country, that gave to her the title “Meritorious Artist”.   Many singers who today sing in our scenes, but also outside the country, remember their loved professor at the Lyceum “Jordan Misja” and then, at the Conservatory of Tirana. Her generation has great merit, which raised the art of bel canto in global levels.