12 January 1862, was born Anton Xanoni, writer, scholar and linguist

Anton Xanoni

On January 12th, 1862, was born the pedagogue, linguist and writer Anton Xanoni. Finished his studies in Spain, Dalmatia, Italy, and Poland. He taught in Torino and in Shkodra.Working as a priest, he never interrupted the studies and the cultural and patriotic activities.Together with NdreMjeda drafted the text “Këndime për shkollat e para të Shqypnisë”, which was 3 volumes. In 1909 he published “Gramatika shqipe “, a year after the “Shkurtorja e histories së moçme” and in 1911, “Prisi në lame të letratyrës“. After his death in 1915, it was published the drama “Skanderbeg”.

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