1 July 1928, was born the Merited Artist Esma Agolli

The actress of the National Theater of Tirana, ” Merited Artist “, Esma Agolli, was born in Tirana on July 1st, 1928. She begun the artistic path in 1948, sculpting many roles in Albanian and foreign authors. She remains one of the seventh Albanian art pioneers. She has played in the first artistic short feature film, “Fëmija i saj” directed by Hysen Hakani, in “Tana”, “Mysafiri”, “In Our Home”. Esma Agolli, is one of the earliest small-screen Albanian collaborators. In the archives of Albanian Radio-Television, there are dozens of recordings of the ” Teatri në mikrofon ” and other artistic shows, where the actress interprets. Even the latest film, “Fletë të Bardha” shot in 1990, where she plays the role of Afërdita, is a television movie.

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