1 August 1937, died the patriot Ndre Mjeda

The clergy, patriot, poet, devotee, and scholar, Ndre Mjeda, died on August 1, 1937. He was a man with a bright mind and wide horizon. He had studied in France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland, etc. He has left pearls unrepeatable in the treasury of our national culture. The poetry “Juvenilja”, published in Vienna, remains the poet’s masterpiece. The very titles of the books echo the ancient and original culture, with which their Albanian reader should be proud of. His other works include the volumes, “Liria” “Shqypes arbënore” etc. He also is known in the world as a scholar and an albanologist. In 1902, he attended the International Congress of Orientalists in Hamburg, Germany, where he held the press release “Mbi shqiptimin e palataleve në dialektet e ndryshme të gjuhës shqipe”.  Together with his older brother, in 1907, he founded the society “Agimi”; in 1908, was delegated to the Manastir Congress, where he was elected a member of the commission for the abolition of the united Albanian alphabet. In 1916, he was among the founders and active members of “Komsisë letrare”.

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