The presentation on media of QMKSH exhibition at the National Historical Museum, on 28-30 November, TV Klan

On the occasion of November 28-29 “The Albanian Nationwide Collector’s Center” brings for the Albanian public two other documents, one of which shows that this is the original pen with which Ismail Qemal signed the “Act of Independence” 104 years ago.

“It’s a representation letter that Primo Bianchi sends to Dom Nikoll Kaçorri in Durres, which gives him the representation to participate in the Assembly of Vlora,” said the collector Sala.

QMKSH exposes rare flags stored by Sala and Toptani family. In the absence of a building that would serve to expose the 40 flags and dozens of other historic objects, “The Albanian Nationwide Collector’s Center” brings it virtually through the site

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