9 July 1998, the Parliament of Albania adopted 3 laws dealing with the activity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Assembly of the Republic of Albania, at the plenary session of 9 July 1998, adopted three laws dealing with the activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our diplomatic and consular representations abroad and with the foreign policy of the Republic of Albania , In general. By law no. 8370, “On the Foreign Service of the Republic of Albania”, the legal bases are laid for the selection of the Foreign Service personnel of the Republic of Albania as well as the continuity and rules of its activity. Law no. 8371, dated 9 July 1998, “On the conclusion of Treaties and International Agreements”, defines the bodies, rules and practices that are followed for the completion of international acts, their approval and preservation. The third law, “On the Exercise of Consular Functions by Diplomatic or Consular Representations”, relates to a wide range of interstate and civil actions, which is concerned primarily with our diaspora, migration and the right of citizens to free movement.

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