9 July 1270, was born Gulielm Adam, the French clergy who served as the archbishop of Tivari

Gulielm Adami, the French cleric who served as Archbishop of Bar, during the years 1324-1341, was born on July 9, 1270. He was the author of the Relationship, “Instruction to make the journey to the Holy Land,” which has values Great resource for the history of Albania. In it, the author gives information about our cities like, Shkodra, Drishti, Shasi, Ulqini, Tivari, etc. For the bishopric headquarters of the Great Pult and Small Pult, Sepa and Arben and for the population of these areas. Of importance, it is his assertion that “Although Albanians have a very different language from Latin, yet they have in use and in all their books, the Latin alphabet.” This proves that the Albanian language is spelled out in the Latin alphabet before 1332, that the Albanians even before this year had their “Books” written in Latin letters.

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