February 8th 1936, in Shkodra was born the composer Gjon Simoni

In Shkodra, on February 8th, 1936 was born Gjon Simon, composer and lecturer, author of dozens of compositions, the organizer of many music festivals. After graduating in the Conservatory of Tirana he has worked for several years in the House of Culture in Gjirokastra. Later he was appointed editor in the editorial of the musical creativity at Radio Tirana and directed it. For many years the musicologist, composer and the organizer from Shkodra, headed the Department of composition at the Faculty of Music at the Academy of Arts in Tirana. Gjon Simoni has left a rich musical heritage. He is the author of many songs. He is the author of many songs, “Suitas me temë migjeniane” “Kuartetit për fagotë”, some romances, chamber music and symphonic music.