March 8th, 1862 was born Dhimitër Ilo lawyer and journalist

In the city of Korca, on March 8th, 1862, he was born Dhimitër Ilo, a lawyer and journalist who has left traces in the history of our country. He studied at the Normal Albanian- Romanian School of Bucharest, and then followed the law school in Athens, and after graduating works as a lawyer. He was involved in the patriotic movement and with Gjergj Meksi, published in Bucharest the newspaper “Ylli i Shqipërisë”. He was a member and activist of the patriotic society “Drita” and “Dituria” of Bucharest, and of the “Komiteti për lirinë e Shqipërisë”. In all his activity, he was among those who prepared the raise of the flag in Vlora, participant of the Assembly convened there and helper for the rebirth of the state.