Kasëm Trebeshina (b. 1926), Albanian writer

8 August 1925, was born in Berat the dissident writer Kasem Trebeshina

He was born in Berat on August 8, 1925, the dissident writer Kasem Trebeshina. He took the first lessons in Elbasan; there he finished the Normale School for teachers. After graduating, he was awarded scholarships to attend studies at the Nikola Ostrovski High School in Leningrad, but because of his political beliefs, he stopped studying and returned to Albania. The passion of Kasem Trebeshi was literature. He began to write that in his youth, but most of his works were not published because they did not fit the spirit of socialist realism. Kasem Trebeshi’s first book entitled “The Youth of our Time” was published in 1948. Three years later, the second volume, “The end of a kingdom”, was followed by other works such as “Artani and Minja “,” Season of the Seasons “, etc. But he is the author of 140 written, unpublished titles and major cause, the reminder sent by Enver Hoxha in October 1953, expressing openly his views on the regime and his organs in Albania. The result was 17 years of deprivation of liberty and the complete prohibition of his offenses. Only after the recent changes have begun to be published in Tirana and Pristina, some of the writings of the dissident writer.

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