7 June 1937, was born the Geological Sciences Doctor, Fiqiri Bakalli

Geological Sciences Doctor Fiqiri Bakalli was born in Tirana on June 7, 1937. He attended the Leningrad Mining Institute after graduating from the Faculty of Geology and Mining in Tirana, and after breaking up relations with the Soviet Union. He started his career at Rubik’s Geological Enterprise and conducted the SpaC expedition. After 5 years spent as a specialist and then as chief specialist at the General Directorate of Geology at the Ministry, specialist for geology at the Committee of Science and Technique. In 1995, Fiqiri Bakalli won the Ph.D. in Geological Sciences. He is the author or co-author of several synthesis studies such as “Geological Map of Albania”, the text “Geology of Albania” For the results at work and in the field of studies, he has deserved the Medal and Order of Work and the Award of the Republic of I degree.

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