7 April 1867, was born the Danish scholar Holger Pedersen, defended the thesis “the Albanian derives from Illyrian”

The prominent Danish scholar, the erudite scholar, polyglot who owned 20 foreign languages including our language, professor of Copenhagen University Holger Pedersen was born on April 7th, 1867. In 1893, stood at Corfu and then in the Cham area collected linguistic and folkloric materials and since that time, he devoted himself to the study of language and history of our country. He confirmed the authenticity of the Albanian grammatical categories and many elements of its vocabulary. In 1895, Pedersen published the folkloric book “Albanian texts with dictionary” a worth book for the the Albanian language, particularly in terms of dialectology. Pedersen was one of the first bibliographers of the publications in Albanian language. He treated and defended the important thesis of today’s Albanian origin, from Illyrian.