5 July 1996, died the doctor Arjan Xhumari

At age 50, on July 5, 1996, died the doctor Arjan Xhumari one of the pioneers of Albanian neurosurgery, who left marks in the Albanian medical sciences and beyond. Ever since he was young, he was distinguished in music, painting and sculpture, but eventually dedicated himself to medicine. He began his studies in Prague and finished at the Faculty of Medicine in Tirana. In 1970, he was specialized in France for neurosurgery and two years later he did the first operation in the aneurysm of the arteries of the brain. His dissertation for intracranial tumor clinic in children was regarded as a valuable experience not only for Albanian neuroscience but also for European neuroscience. In addition to practical work, the new doctor also engaged in the teaching of the preparation of new doctors at the Faculty of Medicine, where he also headed the Neurosurgery Clinic. On his own initiative, postgraduate courses were set up for the specialist of neurosurgeons working in the districts. Arjan Xhumari, has represented our medicine in the outside world, with his participation in international scientific gatherings, and through the publication of scientific articles in the foreign medical press. He was a member of several foreign medical associations and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences.



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