February 4th, 1927, was born the comedian from Shkodra Tano Banushi

Tano Banushi was born in Shkodra, on February 4th, 1927 a great actor and comedian from Shkodra “People’s Artist”. For 30 years he made Albania and Diaspora laughed with his humour. He remains one of the main protagonists of Art Club “Vasil Shanto” of the Theatre “Migjeni” and the Professional Estrada of Shkodra. For 30 years he organized and displayed 135 premieres, which means more than four premieres a year. They appear dozens of times in the halls filled with spectators and not just in theatres of Shkodra, but also other cities. Even today, the endless gallery of characters created by him remains part of the repertoire of many radios and televisions.