31 May 1917, was born in a family of filmmakers Endri Keko

One of the first Albanian filmmakers, Endri Keko, was born into a Korça family who had migrated to the United States on May 31, 1917. He returned to Albania during the National Liberation War, until 1948 he worked as an officer in the army, two Other years in the Arts Committee. In 1950, he started studying for documentary film directing in Moscow. Thus, he became one of the founders and directors of Cinostudios “New Albania”, which marks the birth of this cinematic genre in our country.It is also the founder of kinoreportage, kinopoeism, kinophanel and Albanian music film.In the 3 decades Of his creativity, has given our cinematography, over 150 chronic and documentary films, which make up an invaluable treasure, an art school, a true historical archive, cinematic developments, but the whole country in those stormy years Endri Keko has left over 50 documentary film scenarios, as well as a large number of articles, art criticism, and memories of cinematic development, for which he has twice received the Republic’s award and the title of “People’s Artist”.