31 January, 1911, was published by the Western press the memorandum “The researchers of Albanian”

On January 31st, 1911, the newspaper “Shqypeja e Shqypnisë” in Sofia published the memorandum entitled “The researchers of Albanian “, signed by the heads of the fighting against the Ottoman occupation. In the memorandum was stated that the reason that the Albanians go to the mountains, is the unbearable position under the Turkish rule. “We, was stressed in the memorandum, have not come out across the mountains neither to murder the people nor to kidnap their wealth, our aim is to confess the civilized world that we are not satisfied by the Ottoman rule and we protest against it “. The Albanian rebels have demanded political amnesty, the establishment of schools in Albanian language, administrative self government, personal freedom and trials in Albanian language. It is important to say that the requirements were published in several European press organs.