30 August 1949, died fiery patriot Sevasti Qiriazi

On August 30, 1949, died one of the pioneers of Albanian education and journalism, the fiery patriot Sevasti Qiriazi. She was only 20 years old when she finished the Istanbul College “Robert College”. She participated at the graduation ceremony, our national poet Naim Frashëri. With her help and other patriots, she secured the permission for the opening of the first Albanian school of girls in Korça, where she taught and directed. She contributed to the success of Elbasan’s Congressional Work in 1909. She was the initiator and leader of the Albanian National Party, which was formed in 1915 in the United States, where she completed high education in pedagogy and held extensive patriotic activity. In Worship, drew and directed the magazine “Morning Star”, where she published many articles in defense of Albanian national rights, for Albanian school and education, for the emancipation of the Albanian girl and wife. Sevasti Qiriazit’s pen has also produced a series of textbooks for grammar and Albanian language, texts of the history of ancient, middle and new times.

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