30 December 1985, died Theofan Papa, prominent researcher of our medieval culture

The codices of Berat

The premature death of the Theofan Pope, on December 30st, 1985 was a great loss to our national culture. He remains one of the most Albanian prominent theologians as a professor, as one of the most prominent researchers of our medieval culture. His values are as reconnaissance, evidentiary and restorer of the iconography and rich epigraphy of church in our country. He and the  Russian iconographer Victoria Puzanov, were the first who discovered, studied and identified the extraordinary spiritual and artistic values of icons and frescoes of Onufri and his son Nicholas, David Selenica and Kostandin Shpataraku, of Kostandin and Athanas Zografi and many others. His works in the field of epigraphy, of discovery and transcription of inscriptions and the notes on the contents of the codices are preserved in the State Archives, remains one of our primary sources for medieval history.

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