30 December 1912, died Gjergj Qiriazi, great Renaissance man, publicist and professor

Gjergj Qiriazi

Today is commemorated the death anniversary of the prominent Renaissance man, publicist and professor Gjergj Qiriazi. He became the initiator and creator of the Albanian club “Bashkimi” of Bitola, one of the organizers of the Congress of Monastir, who adopted the Latin alphabet.  He was an activist of the secret Committee “On freedom of Albania” of Bajo Topulli, principal supporter of school of girls in Korca. As a teacher, he prepared the first texts of teaching in Physics and Albanian language that were published in Bucharest in 1899 and “Hristomathina” in two volumes with didactic literary parts. Journalism is another area, where he left remarkable trails, publishing dozens of articles and patriotic, cultural and social studies. Gjergj Qiriazi died on December 30st, 1912.

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