30 December 1903, was born Odhise Paskali, the father of Albanian sculpture

Odhise Paskali

“The Nation Sculptor” and member of the Academy of Sciences Odhise Paskali was born in Përmet, on December 30st, 1903.  He wrote his biography and of the Homeland with chisel and pen. He studied and graduated in Italy, for Art History, but since in the university years he worked the bust “the hungry”, which made him known and determined his path as a sculptor. His creations as a sculptor and lecturer, as a fighter and initiator for the development of the arts, are more prosperous. There is no city where his works is not appreciated, no heroes of war and work, he has not immortalized, immortalizing his name at the same time. When our art was not yet begotten, he established the society “Friends of Art”, set up the first school of drawing in Tirana, helped in the opening of the first exhibition of “simple Art”. Until his death, he did not left the chisel by his hand just as he did not stopped the work for the preparation of new talent, to promote the development of fine arts in our country.

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