3 June 1992, died the jurist Manol Konomi

The prominent lawyer Manol Konomi was divorced on June 3, 1992. He studied in Ioannina and Corfu and graduated as a lawyer at the University of Toulouse in France. During the student life, he was linked to the leftist movement and his beliefs, after returning to the Homeland for two years was left without work. In 1937, he was appointed to the court of Korca. For the antifascist activity and attitude, in 1942, he was interned at the Porto Romano camp. After Italy’s capitulation, he went to the National Liberation Army and was appointed to the highest legal positions of state-run war bodies. In the post-war years, he held high positions as Minister of Justice. Deputy in the People’s Assembly, etc. He lost all his posts and offices in February 1951 when he refused to sign the death-free trial without the trial of people arrested for bombing the Soviet Embassy. In 1992, he was appointed a member of the Constitutional Court, where he served for 5 years. In 1997, in the face of the unrest that occupied the country, the irrevocable resignation took place.

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