3 March 1878, was signed the infamous treaty of St. Stephen

At the end of the Russian-Turkish war, on March 3rd, 1878, the representatives of the two sides signed in the St. Stefan, the treaty called “Treaty of San Stefano”. According to this, a large part of the Albanian land, known as part of the Ottoman Empire, passed under the sovereignty of neighboring states. Favouring the establishment of a Greater Bulgaria, Russia forced Turkey to giving the Albanian regions of Tetovo, Kercova, Gostivar, Dibra, Struga, Pogradec and Korca. So Montenegro took Ulcinj, Tivari, the majority part of Shkodra Lake, Hoti, Gruda and Plava, while Serbia was extended near Mitrovica. The violation of the Albanian lands caused many revolts, which led to the establishment of the League of Prizren. The treaty violated the interests of the major European powers, which could not accept the increase of Russian influence in the Balkans. This led to the Congress of Berlin, which abolished many of the conclusions of the Treaty of San Stefano.