3 March 1803, was born Aleksander Dekamps, the author of the famous painting “Albanian dancers”

In 1835, was displayed for the public the picture “Albanians Dancers ” that have already entered in the treasures of the world culture. It is one of the most beautiful works with Albanian theme that is created from the world known brushes, as it was the French painter Aleksander Dekamps, whose birthday is celebrated today. “Albanian dancers”, is created with oil paints and is 76 centimetres and 124 centimetres. At first this tableau, was owned by a private collector. In 1960, it was purchased in Paris for the Brest Museum, where is still preserved. The work, was published in the catalog “Romanticism in the French painting.” In the years 1974-1975, it was exhibited in the Louvre Museum and in the museums outside France.