3 August 1916, was born the painter Bukurosh Sejdini

The painter and teacher, Bukurosh Sejdini, was born on August 3, 1916. He took the first fine art lessons at the Drawing School, opened in Tirana in 1933 by the prominent teachers and artists Abdurrahim Buza and Odhise Paskali . Later, he attended the high school studies at the Academy of Arts in Florence, where he met with Qemal Stafa and Jordan Misja, whom he dedicated to a portrait. The work of Bukurosh Sejdin, is famous for its national character. Among his most prominent works is the “Victory Day in Tirana” dedicated to the liberation of the capital from the Nazi nation. A painter for a lifetime, worked as a drawing teacher at the pedagogical school in his native country, preparing for generations of teachers, including many future amateurs and painters. For his devoted work, he deserved the title of “Deserved Teacher “and “Meritorious Painter”.

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