28 November 1912, Ismail Qemali raised the flag in Vlora; Independence for Albania

The Declaration of Independence

The Albanian Nation today celebrates the day of the raising of Kastriotis flag in Vlora and the Declaration of Independence of Albania, which had suffered the five-century Ottoman slavery. On November 28th, 1912, at 14.00 was opened the Assembly of Vlora with 37 delegates from all over Albania. Its president was elected Ismail Qemali, who said that the only salvation of Albania is the declaration of independence, the establishment of the government, the election of the elders, who will control it and a commission to protect the Albanian issue before the Great Powers. In the decision of the Congress for the declaration of independence is said: After the words of Ismail Qemali, by which he showed the great danger of Albania, all the delegates with a voice decided that today Albania should be free and independent “. The decision, in English and Turkish is signed by all the delegates of the Congress.

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