28 March 1989, broke out in Kosovo the great protests against the Serbian repression

In all Kosovo, on March 28th 1989, broke out the great protests against amending the Constitution of Kosovo by the Serbian parliament. This date marks the occupation of Kosovo by the Serbian military forces. The Kosovars were prepared in defense of their homeland. From the attacks of Serbian Army, since in the first day of the demonstrations were killed 22 people and injured hundreds more. This bloody and furious date entered in Kosovo’s history as the day of the manifestation of the will for independence. Despite the outrageous violence the Kosovars, did not interrupt the fight and struggle for freedom and independence. A year later, was declared the country’s independence; in 1991, a referendum took place, where the Kosovars expressed their wish to live free and independent in their homes and lands, and in 1992, were held the elections for a deputy in the Kosovo parliament and for the President of the Republic.