28 May 1998, died lawyer Nedi Kokona

At the age of 90, on May 28, 1998, the lawyer, interpreter and pedagogue Nedin Kokona was divorced. He was born in Elbasan in 1908. He completed his elementary school at the Franco-Turkish College of Izmir. He then attended the Korca National Liceum and graduated as a lawyer in Elbasan and Tirana. In April 1940, he served as State Prosecutor at the Tirana Court and then was appointed President of the Court of the capital. For a good job, in October 1943, he was decreed as Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, which he continued until autumn 1944. After being sentenced to 10 years in prison, he was released after 5 years to be exiled In 1960. Subsequently, he worked as a worker, translator and privately taught French.