27 March 1897, was born in Peja the Albanian diplomat Refat Begolli

In the family of Begollëve in Peja, on March 27th, 1897 was born Begolli Refat, one of the Albanians diplomat of imperial gymnasium “Teresan” (Theresiana) in Vienna, where have studied the children of aristocratic families. In 1924, he returned in his hometown and deal with the administration of the family property. In 1941, when Kosovo was joined with Albania, he and his brothers Xhevat and Qerimi took part in the political life and contributed in the organization of the social life. In 1943, Refat Peja was elected MP in the Constituent Assembly that was convened in Tirana on July 18th, 1944 and was appointed Minister of National Economy. In September, the government resigned and Refat from Tirana, returned to Peja in early 1945; he was killed by Yugoslav UDB together with his two brothers.