27 March 1767, Zografi brothers master of iconography painted the church of Vithkuqi

In the icon of “Three jerarkëve” located in St. George’s Church in Vithkuq, it appears the date of 27 March 1767 and the names of two well-known medieval painters originally from Mokra of Korca, the brothers Constantin and Athanasios Zografos. Their creativity is created over the years 1741-1784 and is the richest of all the Albanian medieval painters. Two brothers have worked together and when their boys grew up, cooperated with them. The icons and their frescoes with a great spiritual and artistic value are found in many places of worship of those years, as in the old Cathedral of Korca, in the church of the Monastery of Ardenica in St. Thanas and St. Koll Voskopoja. Sometimes they have decorated the sanctuary of Athos in Greece, which are the centre of the ancient and the biggest schools of iconography. Some of their masterpieces adorn the iconostasis of the Cathedral of Portland that today is turned into a museum and has the name of Onufri, the most prominent Albanian iconographer. The works of Constantin and Athanas Zoographos, are known for the large size, rich ethnographic and painted clothing for a higher level and artistic mastery. They are part of The Albanian fine arts.