27 January 1928, was born the film director Xhanfize Keko, “Nation’s Artist”

The prominent film director Xhanfize Keko, “Nation’s Artist”, was born on January 27th, 1928. She began her cinematographic career as a  ticket seller in cinemas of the capital. After a two-year course at the “Central Studio of Documentary Films” in Moscow, she began working in Kino studio “New Albania” since its establishment in 1952. And there she became film director for the documentary films and later for the artistic films. The first steps in this field were the films “Oshëtimë në bregdet” and “Plagë të vjetra”. She became famous with the documentary and artistic films inside and outside Albania. The movies ““Beni ecën vetë”, “Taulanti kërkon një motër”, “Kur po xhirohej një film” etc., brought something new in our cinematography and gave to the film director many awards and medals in the international film festivals in Belgrade, Italy etc.