27 August 1900, died the Austrian albanologist Gustav Mayer

The famous Austrian albanologist, Grace University professor Gustav Majer, passed away on August 27, 1900. He studied the history of Albanian language, especially etymology and historical phonetics. From his pen, came the first etymological vocabulary of our language, which preserves scientific values even today. During the years 1883-1896, he published the essay “Albanian Studies”, with six volumes and “Comprehensive grammar of Albanian” and “On the position of Albanian in the Indo-European language circle”. Gustav Majeri, defended the thesis of Albanian origin from Illyrian and scientifically determined her position as a language that occupies a separate country in the Indo-European language. He noted the presence of a large number of Albanian words, in Greek. Thanks to the work of this great albanologist, Albanian linguistics took its place deservedly in Indo-European linguistics studies and in general works devoted to this language.

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