27 August 1462, the victorious battle of George Castriot Skanderbeg in Ohrid

Year 1462, has been a year of numerous events in the epoch of the Albanian people. As soon as he returned victorious from the expeditions he undertook in Italy, in support of his ally, King of Naples, George Castriot, he had to face three expeditions, sent one after another by the Sultan, which ended with complete defeat for the enemy. The last of them, took place on August 27, 1462, in Livad, near Ohrid. The Ottoman army commanded by Karanxha beu was bribed by Albanian intelligence. Skanderbeg determined the direction of its arrival and organized many ambushes to break the opponent’s forward line. The Ottomans were forced to change the course of the march and settled in the camp at Livad. Albanian forces, following them, were struck by surprise. Only the rainy rain saved the invaders from the complete shattering.

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