26 April 1980, was opened in Korça the “Museum of the Albanian Medieval Art”

On April 26th, 1980, in Korca was opened an important object, not only to us Albanians but also to foreigners: “Museum of Albanian Medieval Art”. The museum has four pavilions, reflecting the activity and creativity of Albanian masters and artists in many areas of life. Stone works, include objects of the V-XIII centuries; Metal works are mainly made of gold and silver. The guest there can admire the art and the talent of Onufri, Nikolla, Onufër Qipriot, David Selenica, Kostandin Shpatarak, the generations of Zografë and Katro painters. A special place, in the Korça Museum, has the folk culture, traditional works, carpets, tapestry, national costumes and artistic works on wood. There are also weapons and masterpieces of Albanian jewelery. The museum is equipped with restoration and photography laboratories and with the fund room, where there are over than 7,000 objects.