26 January 1914, was displayed drama of Mihal Grameno, “The death of Pyrrhus”

On January 26th, 1914, in Worcester Massachusetts of America, our migrants prepared and preformed drama “Vdekja e Pirros” of Mihal Grameno. Before the show was presented a short picture displayed Albania as a beautiful chained maiden. The spectators stood up cheering “Long live Albania”. In the Albanian colonies of America in those remotely years when were done so many diplomatic bargains and aggressively acts against our people and our country are presented many other parts of our Dramatists as “Mallkimi i gjuhës shqipe” of Mihal Grameno, “Besa” of Sami Frashëri, “Detyra e mëmës” and “Lulja e kujtimit” of Foqion Postoli.