24 June 1905, was born pedagogue and interpreter, Gjon Logoreci, son of patriot teacher Mati Logoreci

The pedagogues and interpreters, John Logoreci, son of patriot teacher Mati Logoreci, was born in Shkodra on June 24, 1905. At the age of 10, he went to Austria where he was educated and graduated for agronomy. In 1926, he returned to the Homeland and became an agronomist in Lushnje, where he also served as a lecturer at Albania’s first agricultural school. Later, he was transferred to Durres and Tirana. When the unification of Kosovo with Albania was completed, he was transferred to Peja, where he served as an agronomist until 1944. After the liberation he returned to Atdhe and worked for five years in the fields of Myzeqe as Fier agronomist, five years Others worked in Peshkopt, and then in Sauk Agricultural Cooperative. The last years of his agricultural career, he was named Karantina agronomist at Rinas Airport. Even after retirement, John Logoreci does not stop his activity. He works as an external collaborator, his contribution is also known as translator and corrector of German at the publishing house “Naim Frasheri”. At this time he also collaborated with Radio-Tirana microphone, as a translator and speaker of the German language programs .

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