23 June 1937, was born in Trebicke, Korce, “People’s Artist” Viktor Gjika

Albanian Cinematography today celebrates the birth anniversary of “People’s Artist” Viktor Gjika, prominent operator, director and screenwriter. He was born in Trebicke, Korca, on June 23, 1937. He graduated in Moscow as a cinema operator. His artistic career began with the film “Debatiku” and “Special Duty”; Has shot and a series of documentaries. His independent work as operator and director was a documentary film dedicated to the construction of the Bistrice hydropower plant, which was honored with the Republic prize, while the first directorial work in the feature film was “The Light Commissar”. These were the first steps followed by many documentary and feature films, some of which were honored with festival awards and awards from the Republic. Viktor Gjika, is the author of several scenarios and is well-known as art critic. During 1984-1991, he directed the cinema “New Albania”, which was the only cinematic center in our country.

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