23 August 1878, today is commemorated the teacher and patriot Marigo Pozio

Today is commemorated the anniversary of the death of the teacher, patriots and activists for national liberation and social progress, Marigo Pozio. She was born in Hoçisht village of Devoll in 1878. She was educated in his native country and in Korça. In 1904, she settled in Vlora. She made her contribution to the spread and development of Albanian schools, national culture and the emancipation of Albanian women. Member of “Labëria” club, in 1912, embraced the national flag, which stamped the declaration of independence on 28 November 1912. Marigo Pozio was the initiator for the establishment of the women’s society “National Hope” and its secretary. In 1921, she directed the newspaper “National Hope”. In this notebook we find many of her writings, where I strongly raise the need for education and emancipation of Albanian women. She died on August 23, 1932.

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