22 March 1373, was completed the embroidery of work “Epitafi i Gllavenicës”

The Epitaph of Gllavenicas is one of the most important objects of the Orthodox faith that has been preserved and has come down to our day. The embroidery of the work has been completed on March 22nd, 1373. It was conducted with silk thread, gold and silver. This work was realized with great subtlety and perfectly plastic. The holy work of presents Jesus Christ dead, lying on a sheet with blinkers. It reflects also St. Mary, St. John, evangelical, prophets and angels. The Epitaph of Gllavenicas, is a masterpiece of the Albanian medieval art for its importance that far exceeds the boundaries of our country. It has and values as an important historical document that attests for the connections that have had the Catholic princes George and Balsha who ruled in the north to the south of Albania.