July 22, 1649, was born in Urbin, Gjon Francesk Albani, who in 1700 was celebred as Pope of Rome named Clement Xl

In July 1649, he was born in Urb, where his family was located, John Francesco Albani, who in 1700 was celebred in the Vatican as Pope of Rome, named Clement Xl. He is the second pope of Albanian descent, who held this high office for 20 years. The first pope with Albanian blood was Pope Eleuter. At the age of 11, John Francis Albani went to study in Rome. He was marked as a man of bright will and mind. He became Cardinal in the ecclesiastical hierarchy of Pope Alexander VIII. After the death of the Inocent of XII, he ascended the papal throne. Known as a loving art and culture, as a human and a great heart, he provided and added the number of hospitals, enriched the Vatican library, paved the Pantheon, protected the art and culture facilities; Known as the restorer of the ancient mosaic artwork. Take care of the recovery of different factories and workshops. During his 20 years of administration, 81 high papal acts were produced, 1412 papers collected in two volumes, 28 lectures, and 130 conversations of historical importance.

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