22 August 1971, died “The Teacher of Nation” Gjergj Canco

He died in Tirana on August 22, 1971, “The Teacher of Nation”, Gjergj Canco. He was born in Korça in 1906. He started his first lessons and the National Liceu, where he was involved in social activities. He was a secretary of the “Hope” Society. All his life, Gjergj Canco, devoted his education to the Albanian school, to the education of the younger generation. In the first years of his pedagogical career, he taught mathematics in high schools Shkodra and Tirana From 1945, for a quarter of a century, he led the Polytechnic “17 Nëntori ‘”, in the headship, one of the country’s largest medium schools, the heart of the preparation of thousands of medium technical cadres of different profiles – Gjergj Canco has provided valuable and multifaceted assistance in the field of vocational education, the design of vocational secondary school programs, the connection of theory to practice, etc. He has been elected several times MP, in the People’s Assembly.

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