February 21, 1945, today is commemorated the albanologist Karl Patsch

Today commemorated the Austrian albanologist Karl Patsch, one of the founders of the Illyrian archeology. He has served as director of the Provincial Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkan research institute in Sarajevo. He has helped to publish several books on Albania including some Albanian authors. The results of archaeological and ethnographic research that he committed in Vlora, Berat, Apollonia, Bylis, Orik of Amantia are published in the book “Sandzak of Berati”. During 1922-1924, Karl Patsch worked at Albania and he helped in the establishment of a National Museum. At this time he published the books “Illyrians” and “The Economics and Cultural Conditions at ancient time of Albania”. He is the author of the chapter on Albania in the collective work “Geography of world trade, which was published in Vienna in 1926. He died on 21 February 1945.