21 June 1921, neo-surgeon Arian Xhumari was born

On June 21, 1921, Arian Xhumari, one of the pioneers of Albanian neo-surgery, trained in medical sciences and beyond, was born. The high medical studies started in Prague and ended in Tirana. In 1970, he specialized in France in the field of neo-surgery. The dissertation for intracranial tumor clinic in children was considered a valuable experience not only for Albanian neuroscience but also for European neuroscience. In addition to the practical work, the talented physician was also engaged in the field of pedagogy for the preparation of new doctors. With his help, the postgraduate courses were opened in Tirana for the specialization of neociruses working in the districts. He has represented with dignity Albanian albanian, in Balkan and European scientific gatherings, where he referred to Albanian achievements and experience. He has been Chairman of the Association of Albanian Neocirists and a founding member of the Balkan Oncology Association, a member of the European Neoclassical Association and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and one of the names included in the biographical encyclopaedia, “Marqusi Who’s Who in the Word” .

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