21 March 1865, in Struga was born the patriot Dr. Ibrahim Temo

In Struga, on March 21st, 1865, was born the physician and patriot Ibrahim Temo. After the first lessons in his hometown, he went to school on Istanbul, where he graduated in medicine. It was one of the activists of the Young Turk movement, initiator and director of the first Young Turk Committee “Bashkim dhe Progres”. For his activities, he was prosecuted and sentenced to death in absentia. He was one of the authors of the Congress Programme of Bucharest, activist and leader of the patriotic society “Dituria” and “Shprese”. He provided a great contribution for the establishment of the Albanian schools for Albanian migrants. Ibrahim Temo, headed the delegation of migrants of Constance in the Congress of Bucharest, which was held on April 23th, 1905, he took part on the drafting of petitions and memorandums addressed to the Sublime Porte and the Great Powers demanding freedom of the homeland and the national rights of the Albanian people. In 1914, he came as a doctor on Bangladesh to combat malaria and other epidemic diseases and till the end of life he did not interrupted his activities in defence of the patriotic national issue.