21 July 1943, born in Korca, one of the old employees of Radio-Tirana, Stavri Sharxhi

One of the old Radio-Tirana employees, Stavri Sharxhi, was born in Korca on July 21, 1943. After graduating from the Faculty of Philosophy and History of the University of Tirana he was trained at the Albanian Telegraphic Agency and the Hungarian News Agency. The journalism road started in the children’s editorial at Radio-Tirana. In 1975, he was transferred to ATSH Correspondent in Korca, covering the districts of Pogradec and Kolonja. In 1981, he returned to ATSH, the post of head of the domestic sector, where he worked until he retired. From his pen, thousands of news, reportage, radiokronics, radioreportage and radio dramatism have emerged. Many other writings that carry his authorship are published on the pages of several newspapers and magazines.

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